Y’all. We have a blog.

Welcome back, rose ceremony lovers.  The newest season is upon us.

Eeeeeeeek! So excited!

All of last year, as we podcasted our way through Ben’s and Jojo’s seasons, and then Bachelor In Paradise (ugh…I’m still recovering from that.  PS– word on the street is that Jamanda (Amandosh?) has split.  That’s a shocker. Will she ever be able to wash the sweat out of her sheets?), we kept saying that we needed a blog to post links to articles, offer further commentary on each episode (because really– how is an hour long podcast ever enough?), and even bring in some exciting listener polls, charts, and graphs.

And so, here we are.  We have a blog.  Our microphone is ready for another season of podcasting.  And Nick Viall is the Bachelor.

We’ll talk about this more on the podcast (obviously), but we actually only know Nick from Bachelor in Paradise (relatively speaking).  I (Anna) watched him on both Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s seasons, but I bowed out of those early.  The Bachelorette isn’t always my fave, as I’ve admitted on the podcast– the boys are so boring compared to the ladies on the Bachelor– and so, in my pre-podcast years, I’d often start a season but stop watching about halfway through.

So, long story short, having only really seen Nick on Bachelor in Paradise– we’re excited.  He’s witty and smart, with a sarcastic sense of humor that I don’t think we’ve seen in a bachelor since…gosh, Matt Grant maybe?!  For a long time (particularly after the disaster that was Juan Pablo), it seemed like the producers were steering the show choices in the direction of a Ken Doll-esque Bachelor– attractive, sure, but also bland, basic, and in some cases, almost incoherent (Chris Soules, I love you, but you know I’m looking at you buddy).

I kind of think of Nick as the male Kaitlyn– sassier, more sexual, and definitely more sarcastic than the show’s typical choice of suitor.  I’m *hoping* that this means we’re in for an interesting season.

Welcome back, rose lovers.  It’s going to be a wild ride.